D4710-LC D6500A D5500A
DLP Industrial Light Control
For 3D Printing / 3D Measurement
0.47inch, 1080p resolution
H/W Spec Resolution 1920 x 1080 (0.47inch)
Frame rate Up to 180Hz at 8-bit patterns
1440Hz at 1-bit patterns
Memory 128MB Flash memory
Exposure 3464us ~ 7600us at 8bit-depth
LED Driver Built-in (up to 16A)
Bit-depth Support 1bit and 8bit patterns
RS-485 Control up to 8 boards over RS485
Baudrate 9600bps
Board size 65 x 55 mm (Main board)
50 x 55 mm (DMD board)
S/W Feature Patterns Update display pattern set without HW changes
LED Enable or disable LED light signal
Programmalbe LED current control
Sync signal Control output sync signal